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There are many How To videos on this subject out there sloppily made that provide some very incorrect crucial information.. #1 I found was they just provide you with a "figure" to put in as your value for *cachemembuffersize... and thats TOTALLY messed up... I found the following steps to be MOST beneficial.. You HAVE to first and formost know what kind of FREE RAM space you have on your system... before you start ANYTHING... Go to System Info and find out how much ram you have on your device....

Now lets do a little math... you take that number.. (lets say its 574 MB's) and you divide that figure by 3..

You then multiply your remaining number (mine would be 191 lets say) X's 1024... and again X's 1024... your value you come up with write that down..your gonna need it in a second...

Now go into Easy Advanced Settings...
<Network Settings

Change the following values as I have them *curlclienttimeout (10), (15) or (20) net speed
*curlowspeedtime (10), (15) or (20) net speed
*buffermode (2)
*readbufferfactor (change from DISABLE to a number between 5 to 8)

*cachemembuffersize add your value you worked out.. in my case it would look like this (200278016) add NO comma's and no decimals or numbers past the decimal...this maybe different on you device so please use the math equation provided for your optimum number as too high or too low can cause issues too

Now your ready to back out til you see the screen saying "Write XML File"... this is critical... hit that and wait for it to signal you that a file has been written.. You are done!!

<Audio/Video settings

<skiploop filter (8)

< timecorrection>0</timecorrection>
(change to the amount of hours the PVR is out)

Write .xml file before closing out

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